CZ P-10 Competition Ready, Must Have Upgrades for USPSA Carry Optics

The CZ P-10 F Comp Ready is one hell of a nice gun out of the box. If you want to seriously compete with it in USPSA Carry Optics, there are a few upgrades needed to make this gun truly Competition Ready at the top of it's class.

The SBGW Tungsten Guide Rod and 13# Recoil Spring, add a good bit of weight to the front of the gun and the recoil spring is perfect for 125-140PF ammo.

The SBGW AMPCO Heavyweight Backstrap balances the gun with the tungsten guide rod and gives it a solid feel, combined weight with an empty mag, DPP, guide rod, and the backstrap is 36oz. 

The Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the CZ P-10, greatly improves the trigger break, with no more dot bounce on striker release. The trigger is greatly improved, there is still a wall, the break rolls over just enough for the perfect balance I prefer in the gun. You can add the CGW Reduced power striker spring and a CGW Enhanced Disconnector spring for a positive reset and even lighter break with Small Pistol Primers. For riffle primers, factory springs are best for ignition, with those and the Apex Kit alone, the improvement is significant.

The Henning Plus 3 USPSA Basepads are perfect and do not require aftermarket springs or followers. You will increase magazine capacity to 22 rounds.

Rounding out your Carry Optics Setup is a Good Optic, We recommend the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro in 6MOA or the Trijicon SRO in 5 MOA. The CZ factory mounting plates are the best option as they are made of steel.

Add our Patented SBGW Target Focus Trainer (and Sun Sheild) and you are ready for shooting into the sun at your next club match and with training, you will be finding that Red Dot in no time!

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