CZ P-10F Recoil Spring Setups, The Good and the Ugly

The available spring space in the CZ P-10F is borderline inadequate for the loads with lighter recoil impulses. All modern euro-pistol designs have trended this way. Recoil springs in the 2011/1911, Sig P320, Glock, and Shadow 2 all have much longer space for the recoil spring in order from longest to shortest. The Walther and the Caniks are the shortest we have worked with by far. 

The longer the space, the longer the spring, and the longer the spring the lighter you can set up the spring while still locking up the slide properly in battery. If the available space is too short and the spring is too long the spring can fully collapse prematurely. This can lead to the occasional feeding malfunction and accelerated wear of your recoil spring and frame. We have had customers tell us they run a Glock recoil spring in their P-10F. This spring is way too long and will not work as the Glock has longer spring space. 

There is a rare exception. Very few early P-10F's have a deeper spring tunnel, allowing the use of longer springs, This has led to some confusion from user reports online, as these slides can run the longer Glock recoil springs. Many of the P-10F Comp Ready guns have up to 20% shorter space due to what appears to be a manufacturing variance, this compounds the negative effects of running an already too long aftermarket spring. We actually have a CZ  P-10F Comp Ready shop gun we milled the spring tunnel to accept Glock recoil springs. (pictured below on the left) We can run down to a 12# recoil spring with reliable lockup. However, the tooling and difficulty of the cut only proved to be cost-prohibitive as a service.

W74 redesigned their guide rod to work perfectly with the 14# flatwire spring we wanted to use in the P-10F. This combo allows the slide to travel fully to the rear as designed. It provides perfect lockup, flatwire long-lasting design, and the right amount of weight to balance perfectly with our Heavyweight Backstrap! We have had excellent feedback from a group of high-level USPSA shooters on this combination. We are now selling the W74 TUNGSTEN GUIDE ROD KIT and recommend it for USPSA shooting with 130-140PF ammo.

When looking at flatwire springs for the P-10F we found that 14# was perfect for USPSA and the typical 125 grain 1050FPS load that many have preferred shooting this gun at a high level. The W74 TUNGSTEN GUIDE ROD KIT allows the slide to travel fully to the rear as the factory setup was designed to do.


CZ P-10F Factory

The15# spring made by Primary Machine allowed the gun to fully open but we found it to be too heavy. We have sold a Tungsten Guiderod with Wolff 13-14 springs this setup also allows full rearward travel. The round wire colt commander springs wear out much faster and our high-level shooters were just not happy with the springs in this setup. 

The ugly

We tested every spring on the market today using standard steel guide rods and found that almost all of these springs were collapsing early. Every flatwire spring sold on the market from Primary Machine and Cajun Gunworks under 15# fails to allow the slide to open fully. Premature recoil spring collapse leads to occasional failure to feed, nose-diving rounds, the slide failing to lock open on an empty mag, and accelerated frame wear. Use of Glock recoil springs made by WOLFF and ISMI collapse even earlier.

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