Optic Recoil Lug Posts, Why Our Optic Cuts Are the Best.
When I started shooting Carry Optics in USPSA, I shot a Shadow 2 that was a direct cut for the SRO. The Recoil lugs looked like they were cut in half across the front and did absolutely nothing to retain the optic, The optic retention was all about the pocket fit, too tight and stress is added to the optic in recoil transfer, too loose and stress is moved to the screws. 6-32 screws are not up to the task of fully supporting an optic without recoil lug retention points. 

Later that season I shot the P-10 with the Optic Plate system, it had full recoil lugs and other than only 2 M3 screws holding the plate on the system worked really well and the optic lasted much longer on that gun. That plate design inspired us to design an optic cut for the Glock and P-10 with full-length recoil lugs. The optic could be installed on the slide and the lugs would lock in forward and rearward movement without unwanted stress on the optic by squeezing it into a pocket.

After seeing many optic cuts that were not up to grade for the Shadow 2 we finally made the leap to cut them in-house and brought out full recoil lug cuts to the platform. The SRO is retained by the recoil lugs, as it was designed. the 6-32 screws are suitable to retain the optic to the lugs like a seatbelt. 

What we all want is our optics to last 20-40k rounds to get us through a typical heavy season of shooting. This is best achieved by retaining the optic as it was designed at the recoil lug points and seatbelt it down gently with retaining screws.

The R2 version of the Sig P320 slide uses 6-40 screws to retain the RMR as the 6-32 screws would not last in testing. This is with a cut wide enough to provide optimal contact to the bottom surface to be held into place. We have seen on more than one occasion, 6-40 threads mistakenly get 6-32 screws provided by Trijicon broken off in the holes. 

Due to the minimal surface contact of the Shadow 2, we opted for the recoil lug retention with the common 6-32 screw. The end result has been the best SRO optic cut possible for the Shadow 2.

You can see in this video how superior our CZ Shadow 2 SRO Optic Cut is, as the retention is at the designed points of the optic:

We have been cutting full lugs on the Glocks and P10 guns for the last year and are moving all of our cuts to support full lugs. Out Holosun K/Sheild RMSc pattern also uses full recoil lugs on the front of the optic to retain the optic as designed. 

Our optic cuts are Competition Grade: we designed them to give you the best solid retention possible as the optic manufacturer designed the optic to take stress for the high round count use you demand.

Our Glock RMR cut below show just how precise and perfect out recoil lugs are on this platform:

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