Why Our CZ P-10 Competition Trigger Job is Better

I personally have shot over 60K rounds through the P-10F without one malfunction. Collectively, our core group that shoots USPSA in the area has shot at a minimum of 200k rounds with our setup. 

When shooting the P-10 in USPSA competition, you want the most reliable setup possible. When you change the striker and/or spring from the factory parts you throw the reliability of the p-10 out the window on many models. 

All the aftermarket strikers on the market for the CZ P-10 are too soft. We have tested the hardness of everyone and the shiny "tool steel" strikers are only 45RC hard. The problem here is the factory striker and trigger bar are 70RC.  I personally have seen the P-10 go full auto using soft aftermarket strikers past 20K rounds.

 Many aftermarket striker tips were beefed up at the base to address a problem that no longer exists. With the beefed-up striker tips, now the firing pin protrusion is less than factory. Now add a lightweight striker spring and now your P-10 has ignition issues.

When you send your CZ P-10 to us for a trigger job we check the firing protrusion of your slide and if needed we cut the striker channel depth so that the firing pin protrusion is now acceptable. We also look at your trigger bar, cause it could be one of many trigger bar variations. Depending on which trigger bar is in your gun, we will install a striker with a precision ground engagement length optimal for the stacking tolerances in YOUR gun. And it will be 70RC in hardness.

We also improve the engagement surface of the trigger bar and disconnector where they engage and optimize the disconnector. 

Now that everything is perfect, we can lighten the striker spring (depending on what primers you are shooting) and install a trigger shoe with less takeup and overtravel.

The Overwatch trigger shoe is better for smaller hands and has better pre and over-travel than the HBI. That said the HBI shoe trigger face is more comfortable. We stake the safety tab retaining pin on install for long-term reliability.

Striker Spring selection is based on what primer hardness you are running. if you are shooting rifle primers or really shitty ammo then you will need to run the factory striker spring. If all your pistol primers are seated to a minimum of .005 then run the CGW Green Striker Spring for the lightest break. The HBI Blue Spring is also a great option. I just prefer the feel of the compression of the green spring. if you are running the factory striker spring we recommend running the 14.5 recoil spring for better slide lockup. If running green or blue spring with 140 or less PF then the 13# recoil spring is perfect.

Recently CZ Released the P-10 Competition Ready. The gun is amazing and the 5-inch long slide is the perfect 35oz striker fires Carry optics gun when running our tungsten guide rod and Heavyweight backstrap. A question that comes up a lot, does this gun needs a trigger job and the answer is yes. While the gun comes with an HBI shoe everything else is factory and likely the striker channel needs cut for lighter springs. The trigger bar, striker, and disconnector all need work as the other models for an optimal trigger for competition use.

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