Why Our CZ P-10 Competition Trigger Job is Better

Updated: 01/07/2022

I have seen a lot of different trigger setups come through our shop over the years. I can say with confidence that the Apex Trigger System for the CZ P-10 is the best trigger kit available.

I do not recommend replacing the factory striker for high-round count use. The P-10 factory striker and spring will last 50k rounds. All the aftermarket strikers on the market for the CZ P-10 are too soft. We have tested the hardness of everyone and the shiny "tool steel" strikers are only 45RC hard. The problem here is the factory striker and trigger bar are 70RC.  I personally have seen the P-10 go full auto using soft aftermarket strikers past 20K r

When shooting the P-10 in USPSA competition, you want the most reliable setup possible. When you change the striker and/or spring from the factory parts you throw the reliability of the p-10 out the window on many models. 

 Many aftermarket striker tips were beefed up at the base to address a problem that no longer exists. With the beefed-up striker tips, now the firing pin protrusion is less than factory. Now add a lightweight striker spring and now your P-10 has ignition issues. If your P-10 is breaking strikers and was made after 2017 there could be an issue with the slide itself.

When you send your CZ P-10 to us for a trigger job we check the firing protrusion of your slide and if needed we cut the striker channel depth so that the firing pin protrusion is now acceptable.  We will clean it up if needed for reliability. If your slide is dragging forward rounds we will clean up the rib to breach face edge. We also look at your trigger bar, cause it could be one of many trigger bar variations. Depending on which trigger bar is in your gun, will replace with a variation that is optimal for your gun with the Apex system.

We also improve the engagement surface of the trigger bar where it interacts with the Apex disconnector. and clean up any burs with the bar if present. 

We do not polish the striker/bar engagement. It is vital that this engagement wears naturally as designed and will improve with use. Again these components are very hard and designed to last 50k rounds.

The Apex disconnector gives the gun a gentle rolling break. This removes the harsh clunk that moves the sights at the break from the factory. The new angle is paired well with the positive reset spring to help pop the trigger forward on reset.

We do not lighten the striker spring for reliability with the current market of harder primers used man many manufacturers. If you are loading pistol primes that are not hard with consistent primer seating depth (not high), you can lighten the striker spring with the HBI -10% in their kit. If you run a lighter recoil spring in your gun the HBI -10% might be needed. If you want to go as light as possible the CGW Green spring is it. Personally, I prefer the feel of the Factory or HBI -10% spring which ensures better reliability. The Factory Spring will ignite anything and has the most positive feel.

The Apex trigger shoe maintains a safe condition at rest with enough pretravel and a solid trigger safety that is pinned securely for high round count use. it is paired with the disconnector and improved backplate to take away as much overtravel as possible while remaining reliable.

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