Why the Deltapoint Pro is the best optic for USPSA on a Shadow/Shadow2

While I agree that a few years ago the SRO was the better option… 

1. Deltapoint has fixed the reliability issues with the battery contacts and we are seeing better life even in the steel gun. 

2. The mounting screws are narrower on the deltapoint and while it is possible to direct mount the SRO to the edge, the screw location and purchase are better on the DPP when directly mounted to the Shadow 2. 

3. Access to the extractor pin, with the extractor pin accessible with the DPP cut. The SRO optic must be removed. 

4. Double dot in the sun and edge parallax. The DPP does not have either issue. I am basing this on personal experience of mine over 100k rounds shooting a slide-mounted red dot and the experience and feedback of other shooters that are actively shooting competition.

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